Vivek Sharma Awarded Fall 2023 Outstanding TA

L to R: Prashant Purohit, Vivek Sharma, Jordan Raney

Vivek Sharma, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM), has received the “Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in Mechanical Engineering” for the Fall 2023 semester. Sharma was honored for his exemplary contributions as the teaching assistant for the course MEAM 1100: Introduction to Mechanics.

In his nomination letter, Associate Professor Jordan R. Raney, who taught MEAM 1100 in Fall 2023, praised Sharma’s vital role in ensuring the success of the course amid Raney’s frequent travel that semester. Sharma delivered multiple guest lectures, managed recitation sections, provided office hours, and guided students through the various components of the course material.

Numerous students lauded Sharma’s patience, engaging teaching style, ability to break down complex concepts, and unwavering commitment to ensuring their understanding of the course material.

The Outstanding TA Award in Mechanical Engineering recognizes the vital role that teaching assistants play in the educational experience at Penn Engineering. Sharma’s dedication, expertise, and passion for teaching have undoubtedly enriched the learning journey of countless students.