Ho Jin Choi Successfully Defends Master’s Thesis

Ho Jin Choi has successfully defended his master’s thesis titled “Gaussian Process-Based Active Exploration Strategies in Vision and Touch” under the advisory of Nadia Figueroa, Shalini and Rajeev Misra Presidential Assistant Professor in MEAM. Choi’s research presents innovative methods for enhancing the capabilities of robots in perceiving and interacting with their surroundings, marking a significant contribution to the robotics field.

Choi’s journey at Penn was filled with enriching experiences and transformative moments. As an international student, he faced the initial challenge of adapting to a new academic environment. However, his time at Penn’s MEAM department provided ample opportunities to interact with leading researchers and gain exposure to diverse perspectives during seminars and MEAM Coffee time. These experiences fostered Choi’s growth as a robotics engineer and strengthened his connection to the MEAM community.

Reflecting on his time at Penn, Choi fondly recalls collaborating with his colleagues on his first publication, a process that required dedication and hard work. “It was challenging, but it felt amazing to work towards a common goal and showcase our contributions to the broader community,” says Choi. “The teamwork and dedication from everyone involved were truly inspiring.”

Choi extends his gratitude to his supervisor, Dr. Nadia Figueroa, and his lab members for their unwavering support throughout his master’s journey. Their guidance and encouragement played a crucial role in his success. “I also want to thank my family for standing by me through every decision and journey,” Choi adds. “Without them, none of this would have been possible.”

Ho Jin Choi was also recipient the Outstanding Researcher award recognizing Master’s students.